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About the Council

A membership-based non profit organisation, the Australia Bangladesh Business Council (ABBC) represents the best interest of its member businesses and promotes and facilitates trade and investment between Bangladesh and Australia. 

The organisation conducts regular activities for the business community to further the interests of its members in securing and operating within various opportunities between Australia and Bangladesh. 

The Council seeks to foster the friendship and understanding and commercial activities between Australia and Bangladesh and to promote technical, scientific and economic co-operation, trade investment, tourism and cultural relationship between Australia and Bangladesh. The roles and objectives of the Australia Bangladesh Business Council are vital in the bilateral trade between the two economies.

To promote business, trade and investment between Australia & Bangladesh and lend practical assistance to members in that regard

To assess and represent members and their business interests before the governments in Dhaka and Canberra in bilateral issues

To cooperate with other organisations and chambers with the purpose of furthering its members interest nationally and internationally

To be involved in community development programs including social services, appropriate technology transfer, health, education and cultural exchanges

Any material published on this site remains the property of ABBC and may not be reproduced without the express consent of  the organisation.

Australia Bangladesh Business Council (ABBC)


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